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           Giv​e My Child A Voice ​​ ​​

Many of us were born into, or grew up in, homes that were less than nurturing. This occurred for a variety of reasons ... active addictions of any kind, abuse of any kind, untreated mental health issues, untreated/undiagnosed medical problems, low socio-economic status, generational curses ... to name a few. Whatever the reason(s) the part of us that was the most damaged was our precious Inner Child ... the part of us that holds all of our feelings, all of our memories, all of our dreams and all of our hopes. He or she went into hiding for protection and we became a shell of who we are really meant to be. 



Because I was. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I grew up in an alcoholic home. My father was a raging, mean alcoholic and my mother was emotionally unavailable and focused on serving and pleasing my father. I knew from the day I was born that my 'job' in the family was to keep the family together no matter what. I became my father's punching bag and my mother's best friend. 

To cope with the stress of dealing with my father's drinking, anger and rage and any mother's unavailability and the consistent influx of siblings, I found alcohol at the early age of 8 years old (accidentally). But I realized that if I drank some I could handle anything my father dished out and didn't need my mother to, well, be a mother. As I got older I found other drugs, food, sex and eventually work to survive in the world I was living in. And every time I added another substance, more of little Cindy disappeared until, eventually, there was no Inner Child - no feelings, no memories, no hope, no dreams. I relied entirely on substances - people, places and things - to support me and give me a reason to live. Until they didn't. And that's when I found recovery. My journey in recovery led me to finding my wonderful, powerful, sweet little girl. Once I found her, I realized she was who I had been looking for my whole life. She completed me.

Because of her, I now have an Inner Family - parent, adult and child - that works in sync with each other and makes the kind of decisions that healthy families intuitively know how to make. What a gift!

The Search for Your Inner Child

Finding your Inner Child, and reuniting your Inner Family, will probably be the most rewarding work you will ever do! 

The work takes place during a two-day workshop using guided meditation, music therapy, journaling and processing.

I have been doing this work for over twenty years and, until the pandemic, I conducted the workshops live. When Covid-19 hit, and we were all forced too shelter-in-place, the call for the work got louder so I began doing these workshops on Zoom. Much to my surprise I discovered participants had even better results on Zoom. I believe it's because they are in the safety of their own homes, but still have the sense of community and connectedness when we process. Because of the success, I will continue to offer The Inner Child Workshops through Zoom.

 The format is a two-day intense Workshop. Groups are limited to 10-12 participants. Participants must agree to attend the entire weekend.

I also offer "Well Child Check-Ups" quarterly for each group. This is an optional service.

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